Request Discord Role
Learn how to request roles in the Sonoran Software Discord server.

Customer Lobby

The Customer role grants users access to the #customer-lobby channel.

General Lobby

The Instagram role grant access to the #general-lobby channel.


Users who Nitro Boost our Discord are granted access to the #advertise-here channel. Please see the pinned message in that channel for more information.

Customer Role

Learn more about receiving your Customer role in our Discord for purchasing a server with Sonoran Servers.

Copy Your VPS Account Information

    Login to your account.
Sonoran Servers - Login
2. Open the "Services" panel.
Sonoran Servers - Dashboard
3. Select your VPS plan.
Sonoran Servers - Select Plan
4. View and copy your server IP address.
Sonoran Servers - Copy IP Address

2. Copy Your Discord Tag

In Discord, click on your username to copy your Discord tag.
Discord - Copy User Tag

3. Request Your Role

On our support website, select the "Discord Role" button and paste in your information.
Sonoran Support - Request Discord Role
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