Server Backups

Protect yourself against attacks and data corruption with our Backup Services!
Server Backups are only available currently for VPS Products

VPS Server Backups

What are VPS Backups?

Sonoran Servers VPS products are automatically backed up weekly to our on-site network storage. These backups are available to you for a fee in the event of lost data or a compromised server. You can opt into a paid Backup Plan that will upgrade your backups to daily backups with 1 free restore each month. This paid backup plan costs $10 per month on top of your VPS cost.

How Much Do VPS Backups Cost?

VPS Backups plans are straightforward and very cost-effective.
1st Restore
Additional Restores
Weekly Backups - FREE
$50 per Restore
$50 per Restore
Daily Backups - $10/month

How do I upgrade my Backup Plan?

1. Purchase Backup Plan at VPS initial purchase

2. Contact Support to upgrade your VPS Backup Plan

Can I Restore my data without a paid Backup Plan?

Yes, you can. If you have not opted for the $10 Daily Backup plan, please reach out to Support to start the order for a restore. Restores outside of our paid backup plan are subject to a $50 fee per restore.

Can I get additional Restores?

Yes. If you have a paid Backup plan, you are entitled to 1 free restore per month. If you need additional restores, you will need to reach out to our support team to purchase additional restores at the price of $15 per restore.
Be prepared to tell the support team member which backup you would like to restore to, they will need to process the restore on your behalf.

Claim Monthly FREE Restore

The FREE 1 Monthly Restore requires you to subscribe to the Daily Backup Plan.

1. Log in to Sonoran Servers

Visit the Sonoran Servers website and click "Log In" in the top right corner or click this link.

2. Navigate to Manage your VPS

Click Manage on your VPS you would like to Restore

3. View your Backups

Scroll down the page and click the dropdown to reveal the Backups option, then click the Backups button.

4. Select the Restore Point

Under the Incremental Backups View, and choose the backup you would like to restore to.
There is no turning back once you confirm the restore action, all current data on the VPS will be lost and replaced by the backup.

5. Wait for the Restore to complete

You should get a progress bar showing you how far along the restore has progressed. It might take some time so be patient. If you refresh the page or close the window, you may view the progress under the Tasks and Logs Tab.