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Getting Started

Looking to get started with a new VPS? View our guide for getting started with a Windows VPS. Or, view our pricing and product FAQs.

FivePD Installation

We also offer free FivePD installation on all Windows VPS plans!

In-Game resource Installation

Get free in-game resource expert installation for Sonoran CAD, CMS and Radio subscriptions

Sonoran Shield, Industry-Leading DDoS Protection

All our server hosting products come with Sonoran Shield's industry-leading DDoS protection. Complete with an in-depth DDoS mitigation control panel for your VPS or dedicated server.

Server Backups

All our VPS products are protected by weekly server backups free of charge. Upgrade for $10 a month for DAILY backups and 1 free restore a month. Free backup plan restores are subject to a fee. Learn more today!

Need Help?

Our support team is happy to help answer any questions and assist you. Reach out to us any time!

General Guides

View our general getting started guides and tutorials for your server products.


Windows Server

View our guides and tutorials specifically for Windows server products.

Windows Server

Game Server

View our guides and tutorials specifically for Game server products.

Game Server

TeamSpeak Server

View our guides and tutorials specifically for TeamSpeak server products.

TeamSpeak Server


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