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Where are you hosting your server products?

Our server hosting is currently offered in Chicago, IL.

Will I have a good connection/ping to your servers?

Our server hosting is currently located only in Chicago, IL with anycast connections from our network providers.

This means that our servers will have better latency to our servers across the United States and the rest of the globe thanks to the high speed connections our network providers maintain between data center locations. When connecting to our services you connection will pick the best route available to you automatically.

You may test our provider's anycast network here. This will give you a good idea of our network latency to you.

What are the specifications of your VPS hypervisors?

The hypervisor (host machine) currently distributes VPS nodes on the following hardware:

  • CPU - Dual Intel Xeon E5-2600 Enterprise Series

  • RAM - DDR4 ECC memory modules

  • Storage Array - Hardware RAID protected high-performance Intel SSDs

  • Network - 1Gbps (each client is allocated 10Tb of bandwidth per month)

Do you include DDoS Protection?

All our server hosting packages include network protection from, successfully mitigating attacks of over 1Tbps.

Get the most out of our DDoS mitigation and setup Sonoran Shield today! Configuring DDoS mitigation to be the best protection for the specific applications you are running.

Learn more at the link below!

pageSonoran Shield

What plan do I need to run a FiveM/FivePD Server?

This is a question we get often and it is not the most simple to answer. Generally, any of our server products are powerful enough to run a single FiveM or FivePD server. If you want to have a moderate amount of added resources or mods you might experience your server not having enough resources on our lower-end plans such as our Windows 2-4 or Windows 4-6 VPS plans. Overall the performance of using Windows once a FiveM server is running on a Windows 2-4 plan will not be the most performant experience. If you have it in your budget we always recommend the Windows 4-8 plan as a good starting point. You can keep an eye on your RAM and CPU usage in Task Manager and then upgrade at any point if you need more performance.

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