NoVNC Remote Access

Alternative to SSH (usually Linux) and Windows Remote Desktop Protocol for Remote access to your Sonoran Servers Virtual Private Server

Sonoran Servers offer VNC access as part of our Virtual Private Server products. You may choose to use the NoVNC browser application as explained in detail in this guide or use any 3rd part VNC software to connect to your VPS.

1. Login to 2. After logging in you will be directed to your Client Area Dashboard, click Services.

3. Click on the name of the server you want to access from your list of products and services.

4. Scroll down to the Server Information section where your VPS control panel will load. 5. Click the VNC icon as shown in the image below.

6. Click Launch HTML 5 VNC Client.

You now are connected to your VPS! The panel on the left hand side can be used to send Ctrl + Alt + Del and full screen. VNC does NOT support copy and pasting from your local computer.

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