Get started with FivePD

Sonoran Servers is the exclusive provider of free FivePD installation to all customers.

Initial FivePD Setup

Contact support after completing a server purchase to request FivePD setup, a support technician will perform the quick setup of the FivePD server and required programs.

1. Obtain FXServer License Key

  1. Sign in to keymaster using a account.

2. Click register to register a new license key.

3. Fill in the following information using the IP address you were sent after paying for your server.

You will be given a page with your license information. Hover over the blurred out key and copy it for the next step.

2. Customize FivePD Server Installation

FivePD (FXServer) requires a free license key from

Once you have a FX Server license from keymaster...

  1. Open C:/FXServer/server/server.cfg with notepad.

  2. Find the line starting with sv_licenseKey

  3. Replace the text changeme with the server key from keymaster.

  4. Edit any other settings to your liking.

  5. Save the server.cfg file and start your server with the Run FivePD Server shortcut on your Desktop.

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