Initial Setup/Admin Access

Setup a TeamSpeak 3 Server within minutes with our TeamSpeak Hosting! Quickly get your community up and running with a reliable and managed TeamSpeak voice communication server.

Purchase a Server

1. Go to our website and Select Get Started Now on our homepage under "TeamSpeak Hosting" or go directly to this link.

2. Enter how many slots you want your TeamSpeak server to have available for use and choose a subdomain that will function as a URL you can use to connect to your TeamSpeak server.

3. Follow the prompts to checkout and pay for your TeamSpeak server. Once you checkout a series of emails will be sent to you including your TeamSpeak server information.

Gain Server Admin Access

This is ONLY applicable to newly setup TeamSpeak servers. Once Server Admin Access has been claimed the first time, you will need an existing Server Admin to give you roles or generate a new Server Admin Token. You can find out how to do that here.

1. Check your email for an email with the subject New TeamSpeak Server Information. It will contain a "Token", this is needed in the next step.

2. Open your TeamSpeak 3 Client, if you do not already have it you can download it here.

3. Click Connections and then Connect in the menus at the top.

4. Fill in the Connection URL from the email into the Server Address field and enter a nickname for you to be seen as while connected to TeamSpeak in the Nickname field. Then click Connect at the bottom.

5. After your client connects to the server, you should see a prompt to "Use Privilege Key". This is where you will enter your "Token" from your email. Then click OK.

6. You should see a success message as shown below.

You now have Server Admin permissions in your TeamSpeak Server!

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