Remote Desktop Access

Learn how to access your Windows server with Remote Desktop.

You can also access your VPS right through your browser. For more information, see our guide on NoVNC Remote Access.

Locating your Login Information

After you have purchased your Virtual Private Server, you should receive an e-mail titled: New Server InformationInside of that e-mail you should see Server Details. That will contain:

  • Server IP Address (Main IP)

  • Username (Administrator)

  • Password (Password created at the time of your order)

Logging into your Server

To login to your Virtual Private Server you will want to start by doing the following:

  • Hit your Windows Search Button next to your Windows Start Button

  • Search for "Remote Desktop Connection" and click on it.

  • You should see something similar to the below image.

  • Enter the Server IP Address into the "Computer" field and click Connect.

  • Click "More Choices" and then "Use a Different Account"

  • Enter the username "Administrator". All new Sonoran Servers VPS machines use Administrator as the default user on Windows.

  • Enter your Password as provided in the e-mail you received followed by clicking OK.

  • You will see another pop-up stating "The Identity of the remote computer cannot be verified" click Yes.

You've successfully logged into your VPS!

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